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There are numerous sources of financial support for undergraduates at Trinity. Eligibility for the various different awards is determined by nationality and country of residence: some awards are available only to Home Students, others to EU or Overseas students.

Cambridge Bursaries (Home Students)

Certain UK students are eligible to apply through the college for Cambridge Bursaries. To determine if you are likely to qualify, see Cambridge Bursary Scheme.

Cambridge Trust Bursaries (Overseas Students)

Students from the Commonwealth and other Overseas countries who are of limited means are entitled to apply for one of the bursaries offered by the Cambridge Trust. See Cambridge Trusts for further details. The bursaries are normally not large. As a guide, you should not expect to be awarded more than a student from the UK in similar financial circumstances.

Cambridge European Bursaries (EU Students)

Students from the EU who are of limited means are entitled to apply for one of the bursaries offered by the Student Registry. See Cambridge Bursary Scheme for further details.

Trinity Overseas Bursaries (Overseas Students)

The College offers eleven Trinity Overseas Bursaries per year. These are means-tested and cover up to the full cost of fees and maintenance. In some cases an Overseas Bursary may be held jointly with a bursary awarded by one of the Cambridge Trusts.

Trinity Mainland China Bursary

The College offers a full-cost award to a student from mainland China. Offer-holders who are eligible for this award will automatically be considered – no application is necessary.

Trinity Henry VIII East European/CIS Bursaries

Trinity also offers each year a full-cost bursary which is available to undergraduates from Eastern European countries not part of the EU and from the Commonwealth of Independent States. Offer-holders who are eligible for this award will automatically be considered – no application is necessary.

Trinity Eastern European Bursaries

Students from former Eastern European countries that have acceded to the EU since 2004 are entitled to be considered for maintenance-only bursaries. Three are normally awarded each year. Offer-holders who are eligible for these awards will automatically be considered – no application is necessary.

Applying for Bursaries

Application forms for the Cambridge Trusts and the Trinity Overseas Bursaries are sent to offer-holders once offers of places have been made. If you return the forms you will automatically be considered for all awards for which you are eligible. Application forms for Cambridge Bursaries are sent to Home students who request them after they come into residence.

Jardine Scholarships

Students who are resident in certain countries of Asia may be eligible to apply for financial support from the Jardine Foundation ( Application must be made directly to the Foundation.

All Students

Any student at Trinity who is experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties can apply to the College’s hardship funds. Applications are made through the Tutors. There are also a number of competitive prizes, usually awarded in cash or book tokens (and for one prize, in silver), for which students at Trinity may enter. See further the information about Financial Support in the Cambridge University Undergraduate Admissions pages.

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