The Memorable Day In My Life Essay

A Memorable Day In My Life

I did not wake up and find myself famous on the morning of the 14th of last month. No one wished me even when I left my bed. In those boarding homes, which accommodation two hundred students, not one thought much of me as I passed the corridor. Yet it was going to be the most memorable day in my life.

It all came in this way. I was at that time an indifferent cricketer not the well know spin bowler, nor the talented batsman that I am thought to be now. Yet as I was passing along the corridor in front of Charles’s room-Charles was the college skipper. I was curtly informed that I was to be the eleventh man in the college team that day. My heart simply leapt. For, I was ambitious and of late was showing better form than I had ever done.

We were playing that day against the strongest cricket team in the town, Sutton club. There was not the ghost of a chance of our putting up a good show. They batted first and made 250 runs for the less of 6 wickets. It was hurricane batting from the beginning to the end and fours and sixes came huge numbers. Then we began our innings. Our stalwarts returned to the pavilion in a short time. They could not withstand the steady bowling of Davind and Brown and defeat for us was only a matter of time.

When we were nine wickets down, we had made only 63 runs. Then I went into bat amidst jeers and cheers of many of my college teachers. Ordinarily, I would have been very nervous, but so many strange things had happened that day I was feeling quite confident. Anything might happen! And something did happen.

James, who was the man, was a steady bat and played sensibly. He soon realized that I was set for a big score and helped me by letting me face the ball frequently. I hit ten sixes and 23 fours. Runs were coming at a fast pace. At tea time I had scored 145 run. Shortly before the end of the day’s play we reached the total 251 and the match was over.

I was simply delirious; I had turned certain defeat into victory. I was loudly cheered, garlanded and taken to the Boarding House in a Procession. I was very proud and a little giddy.

But the crowning glory of the day was the wire which reached me at 8 p.m. I had won a lottery of one lack rupee. I did not swoon or babble. Oh! I was so happy. I had never been as happy as on that day. New, the shades of the prison house, in the words of the famous poet words worth, are fast falling upon me. Things are taking a more gloomy turn. But, now I can always look back upon that day of my life and console myself that I too had my hour.

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The important memorable day in my life was, in August 4 2004 when I started high school in the United States. I felt pleased and at the same time I was frightened because it was my first day of school and I did not have any friends. Although it was my first day in high school but it was excellent.

I did not know how to get to my classroom. I was lost and I had to ask one of the student about the room number where I was going to take a class. This individual name is Kim. She is a white girl, about 5'6, with a wavy hair, wore blue dress and flip flop. She acts like a normal kind of person. She was very nice and told me the right direction. When I walked into the school I saw a number of students and at that moment I felt odd. I became close to a girl who was from the same place I was. I asked for the classroom and we found that we were in the same room number and I felt less worried. I introduce myself and said "hello my name is Anisa Ali and I am new to this school," and she introduces herself to me. She said "hello, my name is Ikram and I am also new this school." Her name was Ikram. She is light skin, about 5, 4. Ikram wears a Muslim dresses such as black dress that is called abaya, head cover and high hills, she acted happy when she saw me because she is the only person from my home town. We came into the classroom, and the time to start classes began.

While we began our classes, all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. After ten minutes the teacher arrived. She started the class and introduced herself to us. I looked around and I saw two girls who before I did. There names were Ilhan and Saeda. I called them and I talked with Ilhan and Saeda I introduced myself, then they did same and we began to know more about each other, Ilhan and Saeda asked me where I was from and I said "I am from Somalia." And then I asked Ilhan and Saeda where they were from and Ilhan said "she was from Ethiopia and Saeda said she was from morocco". After that, we spent the rest of the day together until the class was over. That day I am always going to remember because I had a chance to meet new friends and also met the most important friends that I have ever had.

As a final point, I think that it is ordinary that on the first day I feel nervous; however the things always have a happy finale, which is why I say that my first day in high school was a memorable of my life.

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