Concordia Montreal College Prowler Essay

Concordia University is a melting pot of different cultures, races, viewpoints, and nationalities. The school represents over 140 different countries and I think the International Students Office does an incredible job at handling all of them.

Health care covered by the school is excellent - of course Canadian healthcare in general is excellent.

The Concordia Student Union hosts a lot of events and they're actually FUN and not lame like you would assume most school hosted events are. They've hosted concerts, BBQs, pub crawls, international exchange student parties at nightclubs, etc. Its absolutely amazing.

I'm in the psychology program which is the biggest in the school. Even though there are big classes, the professors have a way of handling all of us and just personable and easy to talk to and charismatic. There are usually notes online or available at the bookstore to look at if you want extra help. While I'm not in the John Molson school of business I have heard nothing but brilliant things about it. The building itself is so modern and gorgeous there are rooms with walls of glass!

There are two campuses: Loyola Campus which is about 6 miles away from downtown and then there's the Downtown Campus which has some of the best study facilities and buildings I've ever seen. The Loyola campus looks like Hogwarts. There is a lot of green on that campus and plenty of benches to study at or just chill.

The gyms are extremely state of the art and hygienic. For about 70$ you get unlimited access to a gym on one campus (there are two gyms- one per campus) for an entire semester which is a great deal compared to what kind of membership fees you'd have to pay if you signed up at a gym elsewhere.

Nightlife is fantastic. It's a city where the drinking age is 18+ and there are plenty of clubs, bars, pubs, and places to go that will fit everyone's personality.

To mark the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the modern state of Israel, the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies is pleased to announce a research essay competition on the theme of “Israel at 70: Past, Present, and Future”. The competition is open to students enrolled in a degree program at any post-secondary institution in Montreal. Submissions must clearly identify the author’s institution and level of study.

The following prizes will be awarded:

Best paper by a CEGEP student                  $300
Best paper by an undergraduate student     $400
Best paper by a graduate student                $500

The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2018. Entries must be original work, they must have standard academic citations and they must adhere to the following length requirements: 2000 words in the CEGEP, 3000 words in the undergraduate, and 4000 words in the graduate categories.

The authors of the award-winning papers will be invited to a special event hosted by the Institute to receive their prizes.

"Israel is a fascinating laboratory for anyone who is interested in studying complex societies through the tools of arts, humanities and social  sciences. Our Advisory Board decided to challenge Montreal's diverse student population to reflect on these issues of complexity on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Sate of Israel. We look forward to reading through the contest entries and celebrate together with the winners at our international conference in early July!"

- Csaba Nikolenyi, Director, Azrieli Institute

Entries must be submitted electronically to:

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