Why Do You Admire Your Mother Essay


Our mother is the primary health care provider that played a major role in our lives. As a mother, they dedicated their lives to provide compassion and relevance with their sacrifices to ensure that our needs are always met. Mothers are the primary protectors of every child within the basic unit of the society. The child like us when we were little is always secured by being wrapped by our mother’s arms while growing up into school children. Whenever we need something, we always ask for the permission of our mother before resuming to proceed with our actions in the long run. Mothers always complete our growth and development, especially if our father supports our mother’s caring techniques in order to grow up responsibly and productive.

Why I admire my mother, this is because when the patriarch of our household went with another family, we still stood intact until I grew up to become a responsible person. I understand that the essence of marriage is not always that compelling to all households for the reason that we have different situations that may lead to challenges in our life struggles. However, our mother still managed to pursue her responsibility to provide us with something to ensure that we are going to grow up as a responsible person. Our mother always taught us how to become a responsible person to prevent any similar circumstances that can happen to us in the future. Even though our father committed something that is depressing, forgiveness and moving on is the right thing for us to concentrate on our future plans in the future such as becoming a successful professional.

The person I admire is my mother because she also became as our father, who stood beside us when we were confronted by violent hazards. Whenever there were threats against us, our mother transformed herself into a superwoman, who bravely defended us against negative elements of the society. As a mother, it is normal for her to always check us whenever we are at school. She became concerned whenever we go home at least one hour late from school. When we go and hang out with our friends, our mother always check the background of our friends to make sure that we are not influenced by juvenile delinquents. This is a normal thing for a mother to ensure that we are always safe wherever we go, whatever we do, and whoever we are with.

There are some households who are not lucky enough to experience a loving mother such as what I experience. This is because some families encountered a variety of inevitable factors such as accidents or life-threatening diseases. In my case, I am still lucky enough to have a parent because I am able to withstand any negative threats that have been responsible for strengthening my pride and determination to become successful in life. I did not manage to regret what my life has been throughout my childhood because I realized that sacrifice is an important structure that enables my dignity to strengthen as well as to show that I can also become a role model by always moving on and trying to concentrate to have a new life. This is my story and would like to share it with the rest of my society how I really love my mother.


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In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I wanted to take a quick minute to tell y’all just a little more about my mom and why I love her.  It’s no secret that I adore her and although I could never repay her for everything she’s done for me, I’m talking about 10 reasons why I admire her today!

 10 Reasons Why I Admire My Mom

1. She literally does it all. Works a full time job as a teacher, works after that job as a teacher, takes care of my dad (which is a full time job itself), cooks, cleans, and still finds time to check up on my sister and I.  She has little help and is basically a super hero.

2. She’s hilarious.  All in all, the woman has some great one liners.

3. She is a great financial role model.  I have yet to demonstrate that she’s gotten through to me, but I’ve been listening all these years!  🙂 Between watching her and listening to her advice on saving, investing, and taxes, I feel more prepared going into my first “big kid” job thanks to her guidance.

4. She doesn’t try to be perfect and never expected us to be either.  I always remember her saying, “My kids aren’t perfect, and I’m not either” and she emphasizes being a good person, a good daughter, and a good mother, rather than being perfect.

5. She dreams big.  My mom is always coming up with awesome ideas/dreams for future businesses she wants to start.  I swear, some of her ideas, if they were put into action, would be dynamite!  I always enjoy hearing her creativity and wish I had more of it.

6. She’s the most emotionally strong person I know.  Over the past couple years, this has been one of the things I have appreciated most.  I am not an emotionally strong person at all.  My mom, on the other hand, is the most level headed person when it comes to looking at life and death, sickness, stress in general,  and putting life in perspective –especially with my dad being so sick the past year.   To put it frankly–> After all she does, I have no idea how that woman doesn’t lose her shit at the end of everyday.  She is a constant rock and is a great role model of emotional strength and has helped me to have a more level headed perspective on life (AKA- No matter what happens, we’re all gonna be fine).  If I could choose only one way to be like her, it would be to be as emotionally strong as she is,.

7.  She tolerates my venting, complaining, and worrying, ESPECIALLY these past few months while finishing my PhD.  Enough said, the woman is a saint.

8.  She is the best “finder” I’ve ever met.  Let me tell you a story.  Hard to believe with my spazziness and disorganization tendencies, but growing up when my mom would tell me to find something, I would look (or “thought i did”) and not find it…low and behold she would go look 2 seconds later and always find it!  🙂  Believe it or not, this STILL happens today! 🙂

9.  She raised my sister and I to be capable, independent human beings.  My mom raised us have common sense and to be knowledgeable human beings that could be independent in the real world.  With my long stretch of singleness as of late, she may have done too good of job!  🙂  (I kid I kid).  But seriously, she always emphasized us to not follow the crowd, to be capable of doing things on our own, and to not have to rely on anyone else because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  I couldn’t agree more.

10.  She got me hooked on chocolate martinis.  Because when all else fails, ya gotta have a a fall back!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 


Now you tell me…what do you admire most about your mom?


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