Argus Dcf Case Study Manual For Drivers

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Case Study Manual: Our case study manual is a great way to learn and test your knowledge of modeling ARGUS runs. Fourteen challenge cases help you to learn to model various property and lease types and understand their results.

Advanced Training Guide: Our Advanced Training Guide is designed for intermediate users of ARGUS DCF, or anyone who wants to prepare for the ARGUS Software Certification (ASC). This guide will cover advanced topics of DCF including items such as Excel Import, Partnership Analysis, Tiered Percentage Rent, and an understanding of how the values in the reports are calculated. In addition, this guide explains techniques for auditing files that are inherited by the user and include practical case studies.

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Hey, in a previous thread you mentioned that this was the program you had purchased. That price was for students but an essentially identical program is also available for non-students (for 2x the price unfortunately, fml). Anyway, I was just wondering if you found that to suffice in terms of preparation for the exam or if you ended up needing anything additional? On the other end of the spectrum, did you perhaps find that it overly prepared you (something I feel like ppl have alluded to) and that you may have been able to pass by just fooling around with the program a little first (saving hundreds of $s in the process)? thanks

Haha, the high price is unfortunate.

Luckily, I didn't have to purchase anything other than what I mentioned earlier. 10 E-learning books and the training manual.

There are two parts of the exam, the second part involves building a model. The training manual has 5 different case studies that get progressively harder. As far as being overlay prepared, this is what ppl may be referring to. The models I have completed in the prep material were very detailed. The model in the exam could have been done with much less preparation.

There are some questions pulled directly from the practice material. I definitely have extensive knowledge of the program now. Perhaps much more than I need.

There are some calculations questions that you may be able to answer, but then there are questions that may stump you.

My personal thoughts -- The exam is setup so that you have to purchase the material! In total there may be 35% of the exam that may be pulled from the material/ only found in the material/ requires knowledge of the material/software. So even if you fool around with the program and try your luck without purchasing the material, you may score a 65 instead of 70, which is just short of passing. Had you purchased the material, there may be a few questions that your subconscious would have picked up that would have put you over the top.

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