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This week I’m excited, but not for the reasons that you might think.

Yes, I made my first conversion (a $1.50 commission on a coffee thing, totally unrelated to my niche) BUT after spending $183 in the process, I’m temporarily pausing my Facebook ads.

So why am I excited? Because I can stop wasting money? Well no, I will be continuing the case study very soon.

I’m excited because I’ve realized that the scope of this case study can be broadened so much, and I have so many ideas for different tests I can do. A lot of these ideas only came in the last few days. Three of them came just before I started typing this post.

Why I’m Going To Tune Things Up

I know that I initially said in week 1 and week 2; the purpose of this study was to make money from ads in as simple a way as possible, so why am I now going to broaden and complicate things?

Because I’ve realized there is potential in many different places, and hitting a homerun (or at least a base-hit) in one of them can still achieve the goals of this case study.

I’ve had at least three or four different ideas for things I can try, but they will require a little preparation time, which is why I have paused my ads.

I want to try some of the following things:

1.) Sending people to a weekly/monthly “Deals” page that shows what the best deals and discounts in the niche are.

2.) Sending people to a ‘buyer’s guide’ that shows all the complementary items they might need (Kind of like in Pat Flynn’s “How to start a podcast” page.

3.) Alternatively, using a buyer’s guide as an opt-in reward, and building a list.

4.) Send people to a weekly/monthly best sellers page for items in the niche and similar items.

5.) Re-targeting people. Sending them to a very helpful “How to” page, and then hitting them up with a product-based ad later.

For all of these, I can do pages for the main product on my site, and pages for parallel products. For example, if I’m targeting baby monitors, I can send people to a best selling baby monitors page, and then a best selling “accompanying product” page, such as cribs, or other baby safety products.

Doing this will allow me to test a mixture of targeting people looking to buy X product, and targeting people who probably already have X product, but might need some related products.

There’s A Lot Of Combinations To Try

I will also test the order people get exposed to the various pages. Should you send them to the “deals” page direct from Facebook, or should you get them to opt-in first? There are lot’s of different things to test, but the main thing is that if a winning combination/formula is found, I’m sure this is something that will be applicable to other niches.

The goal of the case study was to find something for scaling, or rinsing and repeating, and I’m pretty sure that doing the above things will contribute to that.

However, I first need to do some research.

I didn’t really do any research for my first ad sets, so it’s not surprising that they failed to make a profit. This time around, I will do some more research, but I still maintain that I want to do something as repeatable as possible, so I’m not going to be doing hours and weeks worth of research…just more than I did before.

I also need to:

1.) Create the pages,

2.) Think about targeting for each page,

3.) Create whatever thing I give someone for opting in,

4.) Create opt-in page(s),

5.) Think about which ads to match with the pages above,

6.) Think about who to target.

7.) Set up the ads.

I will definitely try running a mixture of ads to a mixture of pages. For example, Ad 1 might go to two different pages and be a split test, and Ad 2 might go to the same pages and be split test. Setting up all these parallel pages and ads needs time, so when next week rolls around, I might not yet have anything to report on.

This is also why I paused my ad.

Weekly Updates?

I would like to keep doing weekly updates, but I may only be able to do one every 10-14 days instead. It really depends on whether there is something to report.

An alternative plan I can try is doing a different experiment each week, and testing which one works best. For example, next week I could test sending people directly to a discount page, and the week after I could test sending people directly to an opt-in page, and grow from there.

I think I might just do that, but I will need to see what I come up with strategy-wise over the next few days.

What’s Worked For You?

I know there are people out there who have had success with FB ads, whether promoting Amazon sites or not, so let me know what has worked for you, or link me to any other interesting case studies you’ve found and I will check them out.

Why should you use Fill in the blanks in your status updates anyway? Simply because they are more engaging and pages who have more engaged fans tend to get better organic reach.  Big brands are using this tactic to get people from liking and sharing to actually writing comments and sharing their thoughts. JetBlue is one example, they get 182% more comments with FITB posts.

5. Photo Contest:

These are my top favorite and extremely fun to participate in. The best part about these contests is that you can get to see the loyal followers and the community you’ve built for your brand. This does not apply to brands only as I’ve personally seen it recently on the community page of a meme “Trust me, I’m an Engineer“. Below is a screenshot of one of the many user submitted photos. The page owner is making money through Teespring but for a business owner, you can give incentive or reward for people who send their photos.

You can run these contests with both third party apps or without them by simply asking fans to submit a photo to you through Facebook Message feature on the brand page or allow fans to post a photo on your page wall and pick the winner randomly or by the number of likes or votes. The number of submissions might be for certain pages or shoot so always be prepared for anything but commit to the plan and you’ll see results coming in.

6. Q&A Contest:

Similar to Fill the Blanks you can run Trivia based quizes and Q&A’s on your page and run contests without having to pay for any service or app.

You can ask them simple questions or multiple choice questions and get them to submit the right answer. You can pick the winner randomly.

7. Join Email List to Win:

I am actually laughing at this one because how simple and effective this method is and especially when brands are complaining about Facebook reach this method is extremely valuable. As digital marketers, we know how valuable a list of subscribers can be, you can run a simple contest that will give you both engagement on Facebook and allow you to get more people signup to your email list.

Free Digital Reads ran this simple contest on our Facebook timeline.  We picked up 250+ email subscribers running a contest for a $25 Amazon gift card.  That’s 10 cents per subscriber.  That’ll do.

7 Facebook Contest Apps

  1. ShortStack
  2. Heyo
  3. Antavo
  4. AgoraPulse
  5. Tabsite
  6. Easypromos
  7. Votigo

1. Shortstack

Shortstack is one of the premium facebook app design tool which lets you create various apps and provides integration with mobile and email softwares such mail chimp. Their apps are really robust and have various features which you can check on their website.Case Study:Client:Mountain View Grand Resort & SpaObjective: Use Social media effectively in their marketing strategy. Contest Type: Contest Giveaway Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa wanted to restructure their digital marketing strategy and add social media to it which was missing. They started their focus from 1000 New Fans in 5 hours.


  • 1000 new fans in 5 hours
  • 4000 App Views
  • 927 Contest Entries

2. Heyo

Heyo is a mobile optimized drag and drop Facebook contest platform that lets you run contests, promotions and deals using their templates. Many small and midsized businesses are using Heyo to drive engagement, capture emails, get likes, and convert sales. Case Study:Client:Mixed Bag DesignsObjective: Get more email subscribers through Like Contest Type: Join Email List to Win Amy, marketing manager of Mixed Bag Designs made the landing page template using Heyo in 30 minutes with customized the logo, image, description, sharing options, and email opt-in form.

The best part about this was that this landing page mobile optimized automatically so when the campaign ran, it converted at a great percentage. Results: 

3. Antavo

Antavo is a Viral Facebook contest app that works for Facebook, mobile and web. The best thing about this software is that it connects social media and email marketing and lets you capture email address through the contests, giveaways, Sweepstakes and deals that you run with this service. Case Study:Client: Orofluido – Beauty Products Objective: Building brand reputation and community of engaged customers Contest Type: Photo Contest Orofluido launched their campaign with Anvato in which they ran a 5 day long photo contest where they asked the fans to upload snapshots of their loved ones. The purpose of this campaign was to crowdsource the campaign against a reward of 3 Orofluido Gift Boxes. The best thing about this campaign was that it was around valentines and which by the way takes place on 12th June in Brazil and known as “Dia dos Namorados”. The campaign ran from 7th of June until the 11th.


  • 2,863 new Page Likes
  • 26 people uploaded pictures and 3,287 people voted for them
  • 3,303 new subscribers  with cost per subscriber $0.29

4. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a the Swiss army knife of Facebook community managers and marketers. With features like Quizzes, photo contests, sweepstakes, instant win, coupon contests, personality tests and petition apps. In short it is a complete CRM solution for Facebook marketing, check out their website for all the features. Case Study:Client:Kiehl’sObjective: Get more people to try their products Contest Type: Coupon Coupons are not new but if you plan it well, it can really get people excited, especially in a new market. Kiehl’s is a global brand who introduced their products in Chile. They ran the campaign to bring fans into stores and get them to buy their products. With the help of AgoraPulse they launched an app to introduce a new product in which they gave away coupons which could be used at Kiehl’s stores.


The key to marketing is to give and offer value rather than practice push marketing and asking people to Buy, Buy and Buy.

5. Tabsite

Tabsite is another popular Facebook marketing app which has a lot of features and allows you to run various contests. They have mobile optimized landing pages and their apps resize accordingly there fore keep in mind to look for a similar feature for any app you plan to use for your next contest. Case Study:Client:Petopia Pet StoreCompetition Objective:  Collect relevant email subscribers, increase fans and gather researchContest Type: Customer engagement This is a very successful case study by Petopia using Tabsite application to grow their Facebook fan base. They ran a voting based competition in which contestants and fans were asked to select the start pet of the month. Fans and dog lovers around the world participated in this contest and the results were nothing short of amazing.


  • 10,000+ Fans
  • Total Fans increased from 13,500 to 23,500

6. EasyPromos

EasyPromos is a straightforward and easy app to create promotions and contests. They’ve mentioned on their website and fanpage that their app is 100% compatible to Facebook policy. Lets take a look at this interesting case study by Rituals using Easypromos app.

Case Study:


Competition Objective:  Increase number of Fans

Contest Type: Product Giveaway

Rituals is a global brand in cosmetics and accessories with over 870 stores in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide, as well as an online store. They ran a campaign tha ran over the course of one day named as “Rituals Lucky Hours”.  A lot of excitement and hype was built a week before the start of the promotion. Facebook Ad campaign was used in combination with promoted posts to make this event reach wider audience. They used Easypromos  “Winning Moment” tool for this campaign. Every hour 5 fans were picked as winners.The winning moments were generated by the application in advance and completely at random. Each participant received a personalized message in that instant, letting them know whether or not they had won. If they hadn’t been lucky this time, they could try again an hour later. By the end of the promotion, 50 lucky people had won prizes.


  • 18,927 people participated in the competition
  • 10,000+ New Fans
  • 29.86% Growth in Fanbase

7. Votigo

Saving the best for the last Votigo is the leading social media marketing & promotions company with a SaaS platform and full-service solutions. Votigo has worked with leading brands and agencies including Ford, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Sony, NBC Universal, Intel, Aol, Sharpie, Sears, DraftFCB, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Ogilvy, Wunderman, and Arnold Worldwide.

This lies more in the enterprise level software but has a lot of features

Case Study:

Client: JBL

Competition Objective: Build awareness and buzz for the Tim McGraw Artist series headphones by JBL electronics

Contest Type: VIP Concert Experience with Tim McGraw

A Multi platform campaign was created using Votigo which allowed fans to participate through Facebook, a microsite, Twitter or by text message. The sweepstake app was create which asked users to upload photos, videos to a variety of media channels and share what it means to them. The entries were combined in Instagram and Tweet using campaign hashtag.


  • Over 6,000 Entries
  • 44k Visitors
  • 107k Page views
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