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A Day in My Life

My alarm clock starts beeping at 7:15 exactly and I groan and try to imagine that it isn't there. When the noise doesn't stop I roll over and hurl the unlucky object across the room. It invariably hits a precariously balanced pile of books or CD's and they invariably come crashing down, adding to the scene of devastation that is my bedroom floor. I then slowly drift off to sleep again; until, twenty minuets later, I am rudely awakened by my mum's voice shouting: "Danny you'll be late for school!".

I turn over looking for my alarm clock and, realising that it's no longer a foot away from my right ear but at the other side of the room, I slowly climb out of my bed and get…show more content…

After we have walked the length of the school twice we sit down to 15 minutes of tutor time.

While I franticly finish the History homework due in five minutes time everyone else enjoys some time taunting Michael or Ashley about one thing or another.

As Ben leaves the tutor room I shout after him "Ben! What we got now?"

The reply comes: "Science. Mr Smith."

"OK" I shout as I hurry after him.

First lesson, despite being science, goes past in a dream.

I have decided that however much I may look awake at nine o'clock in the morning I actually do not wake up until ten. Therefore, during first period (science or not) I am still fast asleep. This means that, except under special circumstances (i.e. a test), the amount of work completed in this lesson is fairly small.

Second period, I am usually more awake (unless, of course, it is R.E, in which case I remain a deep sleep throughout, even if it's last lesson.).

I.T with Mr. Wisson is almost never enjoyable.

Despite my love of computers I cannot ever manage to squeeze even the slightest bit of satisfaction from an hours typing numbers, letters and mathematical equations into Excel or some such program. The teacher seems to think that because we are not doing IT long course we are all computer illiterate fools who find it hard to use Microsoft Word.

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Best Day of My Life Essay

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Best Day of My Life

I remember that day well. It was just another match day at the coliseum but this was different because that day I was going. I woke early that day with anticipation. I raced down the stairs putting my clothes on as I went even though I knew that the battle wasn't on for another two hours. I could see that day would be a day I would never forget because crowds of people were already walking past the door, there had never been that amount of people that early before. A truck rolled past carrying bloodthirsty tigers which was heading for the abnormally large arena, I thought these must be for another battle but I was later proved wrong.

I joined the bloodthirsty, anxious…show more content…

I quickly took my seat because the stadium was filling up fast. The music was already playing so I knew the action was about to begin. The stadium was filled with people all here to witness this spectacular event. Many people were wearing red gowns and giant silk scarf's, it looked like a sea of red. I could smell freshly baked bread, I didn't know why though. At one point I had to cover my ears with the sheer volume coming from the impatient crowd.

The animal hunt was up first, I had only ever heard about this, I had never actually seen it. Ten people where put in with a pack of wild bears they were only given one sword each, they where totally hopeless because the ripped them apart. It was quite enjoyable because they were only slaves.

Now was the time I was waiting for, Caesar came out and introduced the big match and gave us a big surprise, he got his servants to throw out bread and fruit from a cart. This must have been what I could smell earlier. I caught an apple many people lost out though. Luckily it tasted nice because I was hungry. Tigras came out on a horse drawn carriage pulled by 4 horse decorated with flowers, the crowd went silent obviously the crowd supported Maximus. A short time later Maximus casually strolled out the crowd went wild knocking the apple straight out of my hand. Maximus waved to us all he was a true

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